Our stunning dive resorts

Our dive resorts

Prefer dry land? Cruising Indonesia have carefully selected some of the finest most secluded dive resorts in the Indonesian archipelago.

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Secluded Dive Resorts in Indonesia

Dream diver resort, with fantastic dives out the door


When it comes to dive resorts in Indonesia, one should not think of a large concrete structure with hundreds of rooms. Our resorts are almost always small structures built with local material -wood, palm trees, shells -, luxuriously furnished and in perfect harmony with the tradition of the place, located on a small island and immersed in a simply spectacular natural context. This is the holiday model proposed by Cruising Indonesia.

Misool Eco Resort, Kri Eco Resort, Sorido Bay, Papua Explorers, R4Divers Resort, Triton Divers, Komodo Resort Sebayur, Angel Island, Kalimaya Dive Resort, Wakatobi Dive Resort, Alor Divers Eco Resort, Coral Eye, Sali Bay, are some of the small structures, all located in beautiful islands, with fantastic dives outside the door. Selected food, personalized attention, absolute relaxation. The holiday as intended by Cruising Indonesia!


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